As a mama of four little ones and a former elementary teacher – I am well versed in chaos and craziness. I was born and raised here in Iowa and I feel blessed to raise my babies here. I am located just south of Des Moines in Indianola – where seeing colorful hot air balloons in the sky is the norm. We rush outside when we hear their loud fires blazing and it’s like a parade in the sky. 

My children were and still are my muse for my love of photography. Once I had a sweet baby girl of my own – I knew I had to document all those tiny details – I loved the way her hair had a perfect circle on the top of her head and that was something I never wanted to forget. That’s my favorite part of photographing families – I get to freeze those little moments that you want to remember even when your kiddos continue to grow. 
I love to read (suspense and fantasy are my two faves!) A brown sugar shaken espresso is the way to my heart and I have recently become obsessed with thrifting!

the photog behind the lens

a closer look at

I am always so truly thankful for the families who choose me to document such a special time in your family’s life. 

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